So farewell then CD …

I posted some time ago about the demise of CD and the rise of hard-disk based replay systems but I didn’t think that it would be this fast. I have a Lavry DA-10 on order, hopefully it will arrive today, and intend to connect it to an AppleTV to source the bits and to a NAIM pre/power combo to amplify the analogue.

I will post my impressions here along with some images of the Lavry internals before and after the jumpers are moved as I couldn’t google any good images and many people, like me, will be hesitant about opening a box of electronics and fiddling with it.

The reason for this post, other than its been the longest time and I have missed talking to myself, is the discussion about the Lavry DA-10 and an Apple Mac as a source component in a high-end hi-fi system. Go the the Naim forums and then to the Distributed Audio section. Many died in the wool audiophiles are switching from their extremely pricey CD players to the Mac/Lavry combination quoting that the sound quality is equal to or better than NAIM’s best CD players costing many thousands of pounds.

To be honest, I thought that CDs would die because of the convenience issue - browsing through an iTunes or other based music library is just so much easier than searching for, opening and inserting a single CD. Convenience wins over quality in the mass-market every time. It seems, though, that the reproduction quality of this far more convenient source solution is at least comparable to very high-end CD players.

When Naim audiophiles are throwing out their CD players you really do know that the game is up.

Lavry DA-10 from Soundtools
Cables from Flashback

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