December 2005

Firms usually respond to an increase in size by increasing the depth of the controlling hierarchy. After all, the people who do the work are not to be trusted and need to be controlled and managed. A light went on for me when I read Re-Imagine! by Tom Peters (although I must admit to not finishing the book)! There was a line in there that said something like:

Middle-management is just message switching.

This, for me, basically means that middle-management pass information (and invariably interpet) between “higher” management and the people who actually do the work. (And “higher” management invariably interpret and pass this information on to “even higher” management). Decisions are then made and passed on down the chain. So, as information inevitably decays as it is passed along any network, decisions are made on flawed information and the decisions are corrupted as they pass down the chain to the only people who can implement the decisions … the people who actually do the work.
I am trying to figure out how we break this and put people directly in touch with people. Blogs are necessary but absolutely not sufficient.
More later.