June 2006

Back to A.C. Weisbecker.

Where to start? Let’s start with a quote from Cosmic Banditos. My favourite quote but many could have been chosen. The scene is on a boat where the generator has failed:

“Not to worry,” Robert said. He’d take care of the machinery himself. So, armed with a hand grenade and a sledgehammer, he descended into the heat and din of Julio’s former domain. The sledgehammer was for delicate adjustments, he said, the grenade for serious malfunctions.

If you don’t find that funny. Well, then there is no pleasing some people.

Cosmic Banditos was a favourite book of a friend of mine Ken (and of his friends) and he brought into work one day his only copy (the book was well out of print and long before the days of abebooks.com) and it started doing the rounds along with threats of violence should it not be returned - although hand-grenades were not mentioned I am totally sure they were an option should the book go missing. Like a quantum particle in started popping up unexpectedly on desks through the office, disappearing and then appearing again elsewhere.

One of Ken’s friends had set up a mailing list on this new internet thing where all things A.C. Weisbecker would be discussed - given that nothing at all was known about him and the rumour was circulating that he didn’t exist (did we start that?) this was basically trading of favourite quotes. Unbeknownst to us, the book was attaining cult status elsewhere. We also considered each taking a few pages of the book - typing it up - putting it all back together again and then … well, we were never quite sure what to do then but it seemed like quite a cool idea!

Imagine our surprise when an intruder introduced himself to the group as A.C Weisbecker (yeah, right mate!) and asked (I think this is what happened, I may have made it up, but hell its a good story so we’ll roll with it) if he could use the existence of this little group of chatters as evidence to present to the publisher to get the book reprinted.

Whatever, the book was republished along later with a second book In Search of Captain Zero which is equally as good but in a totally different way. I bought the books plus an obligatory T-Shirt direct from the man himself and am the proud owner of two signed copies of Cosmic Banditos one of which I have in front of me now. No idea where the other one is - although I think I do but I can’t get to know its location and movement at the same time. (There was some confusion over the trade but I had a couple of email conversation with the man himself and he swiftly sorted it all out).

(I realise I haven’t really said what the book is about which is mainly because I have no idea. Throw in a hell of a lot of drugs, a few hand grenades, banditos and all held together by quantum physics and you’ll have as good an idea as I do. A.C. himself says its probably about people who stick together. )

We then subscribed to and started receiving (reasonably) regular updates from A.C. in his Down South Perspective detailing life and times in the surfer’s paradise that was his home (or his, who knows?)

And now he returns with a new book entitled Can’t You Get Along With Anyone? A Writer’s Memoir which you can get as a special limited edition pre-release type thing by clicking on that link. Also if you enter revolution in the coupon field you get free delivery I believe. Maybe I get a couple of more entries in the raffle thing for this other mention?

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