March 2007

Indeed I do. As always, the set-up was gorgeously easy. Plug it in, attach the HDMI cable and away you go. It asks you first up to select your output resolution I chose 1080i only because that is what SKY seems to broadcast in). Then it locates all the available wireless networks - I selected mine and entered the password. Finally it gives you a code number to enter into your iTunes.

Photo 1

As I have a deal of ripped movies, TV shows and music there seemed little point in copying over to the Apple TV so just selected my iTunes from the Source menus went into TV Shows and saw what you see above. Played an episode of Six Feet Under (and here I was a little apprehensive) ripped at 1500kbps using H.264 and it worked perfectly. Extremely good quality. Played a smaller resolution iPod version and that was noticeably of lower quality but still very watch-able.

Perfect :)
By the way - ripping movies using the Main Profile of the H.264 code in Handbrake works through AppleTV. Great! The H.264 export from eyeTV also works. Fantastic!